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Thought Hacking

Aug 6, 2021

We sat down to chat with Emmy award winning TV producer and author Brandon T. Adams. Brandon is the author of "The Road to Success", has produced three TV shows, released over 400 episodes of his podcast, Live to Grind, and is an inventor with 2 patents. He did all this by the age of 30.  

Join Scott as he discusses the...

Apr 7, 2021

We examine the 3 questions we are always answering that determine our destiny. All personal development books are written about these 3 questions.

By becoming aware of, and actively answering these 3 questions, you can take back control of your thoughts, your growth, and your ability to contribute and collaborate.

Feb 24, 2021

(7 mins)

In this snackable podcast Scott Mitchell asks the question, "who are your really?" After he watched his grandmother change with dementia, Scott started exploring the concept of what makes us who we are. Are you just your conscious thoughts or your sequential persona, or are you something more? How do you best...

Jan 11, 2021

In this snap podcast recorded shortly after the US Capitol was stormed, we peel back the emotion and politics to discuss how this mentality can develop. If left unchecked, we will likely see more events like this for many different causes around the globe. 

We explore the psychological root of the tribalism...